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Name: Nihil

Age: 176
Age Appearance: early twenties, he’s still quite a young dreamwalker

Gender: Male
Species/Race: Dreamwalker


Nihil is of average height, with very light skin, and has long raven-black hair, tied back with a violet ribbon in a long ponytail. He’s very thin and has long slim legs, he has almost no muscles as he avoids getting into fights. As all dreamwalkers he dresses mostly in a black and white suit, but he prefers to wear a very long violet scarf around his neck. Dreamwalker’s eyes usually maintain all kinds of colours, but his are mostly violet. But when he experiences heavy emotions, or uses his magic, his eyes turn golden. There is a dark area covering both his eyes, like a thick stripe across his face, disappearing into his hairline on either side of his face. This appeared because he (almost) never sleeps (insomniac).

Nihil is a very quiet, anti-social guy who observes and thinks, rather than getting involved with anything. He mostly doesn’t care about anything, except when something interests him. But when he loses his interest the matter is soon forgotten and he goes back into his oblivious state. He avoids getting into fights by disappearing, or scaring his opponents off with flashes of nightmares. But he hates using his gift (described below) as it causes harm to people. He’s a bit of a wimp as well, he hates getting wounded as it always takes him long for his wounds to heal. Other than that he’s a kindhearted person, the opposite of his twin sister who is hot-tempered, straightforward and devilish. Despite his sister being a bitch he deeply loves her and will do anything for her.

Nihil is the brother of Nisha, his twin sister. It is very rare for dreamwalkers to be twins, as no one knows how they come into existence exactly. Although they almost look the same (only the gender is different) they are complete opposites of each other. Nihil is kind and loving, and Nisha is a devilish schemer. They both were born with the power to read minds and travel through other people’s dreams, but both left a different after-effect. Whenever devilish Nisha travels through or views the secrets of a person’s dreams, or kisses someone, the person would get the loveliest dreams they have ever had. But whenever Nihil tries this, the person would get terrible nightmares. This is why he only uses his powers when he has no other choice.

However, his twin sister disappeared a hundred years ago under mysterious circumstances. Without her, Nihil feels lost and he has been searching for her ever since she disappeared. She was the only reason he could sleep peacefully as she send him lovely dreams with her gift when he slept next to her. But now he’s left all alone with his nightmares, thus he almost never sleeps. He’s on an eternal quest to find her, reading people’s dreams for clues, but somehow it seems she’s avoiding him (possibly because he gives her endless nightmares and she just loves traveling through other people’s dreams).

Occupation/Job: None, he doesn’t care. (dreamwalkers eat dreams as nourishment, although he hates giving people nightmares when he’s feeding)
Interesting Facts/Quirks: He yawns a lot and may seem like a lazy good for nothing. May show his true colours when annoyed. Also he has a very keen sense of smell and he often locks up dreams in a small flask to devour on his way. He's a bit of a klutz because he's so sleepy.
Hobby/Hobbies: He doesn’t care. …although he likes sitting in high places, watching as life goes on beneath him.

Like: Silence, violet-coloured things, his sister, observing people
Dislikes: Loud people, strong fragrances, very light places, getting involved in fights, big scary beasts

Strength: Speed, intelligence, being able to read and influence minds, disappear, put people to sleep, give his enemies terrible nightmares.
Weakness/Flaw: He hates to use his power, he’s physically pretty weak, no friends/allies (yet?)

Anything else to add: The twins might be seperated because when they are together their dream-powers are too great.

[Wybsu: I might add some little things later, and I’m planning on lots of character development!]

Roleplay Sample:
"It was dark outside, and Nihil sat high up in an old oak, observing as the fest below went on. Humans were dancing around a big fire, celebrating life… or something along those lines. He swept down swiftly from the tree and silently strode over, using the shadows as his cover. He yawned, trying to block out all the thoughts and emotions he was perceiving from those pitiful humans. They were never very good at hiding their presence, something which he found very interesting about them. Moving away from the loud group he sniffed the air. There was definitely something smelling amazingly good around here. He moved closer to one of the houses and to his delight – and dismay- he discovered some human children sleeping soundly in their beds. He licked his lips and his violet eyes started shimmering with a golden glow. He was craving for some good dreams to feed on. Fluent hand movements guided the dreams toward him in little bright orbs of a smoke-like substance. He breathed them in hungrily, until one of the children turned in its bed and let out a soft whimper, grimacing at the start of a nightmare. Snapping out of his trance, Nihil’s eyes turned back to their original colour and he fled the room as quickly as possible, feeling disgusted with himself for not being stronger to maintain his composure."
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