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(Alright, here we go... *scared* It's been 3 years, I'm very rusty, so be gentle. Razz
Any comments/ helpful tips are welcome.)

Name: Nariko Shimizu

Age: 123
Age Appearance: early 20's

Gender: Female
Species/Race: Dream walker


Nariko is not very tall (5'3/1.63m), but has a slender body. She has long light brown hair, that she usually wears in a ponytail, decorated with ribbons or jewelry. Her eyes used to be a bright emerald green, but ever since she lost her eye sight they've become rather dull. Because of this she isn't easily recognized as a dream walker anymore and she kind of likes it that way. To make herself even less easily recognizable she cast away her usual dream walker dresses during the day and decided to wear more “normal” clothes. As far as her sometimes elaborate clothes can be considered normal that is. She loves jewelry and expensive dresses. At night when she goes out to cause some mayhem to random strangers she still wears her black and white maid like dress, though she covers it with a long black hooded cloak.
She still has a few scars from having been tortured (mostly on her back), but most can be hidden with clothes.

Personality: Like most dream walkers, she doesn't interact with people much. She's rather shy and doesn't open up easily. Her moods change like the weather and that makes it hard for the people around her to approach her, never knowing how she’ll react. She’s also easily irritated and she’s never been a very optimistic girl, always sees the bad side of things. On top of that she has a hard time trusting people, which is not surprising considering what happened to her.
But because of this she feels rather lonely most of the time. She really just longs for someone to love.

History: Being a bit of a pacifist Nariko tried to stay out of the war as much as she could. She was able to live a rather normal life through out most of the war, simply avoiding people during the day and only coming out at night to feed or just have some fun giving people weird dreams.
About 12 years ago however her rather peaceful life was turned upside down when she was found by a group of male humans. She never quite found out their reasons behind it, but suspects the men had lost loved ones to a dream walker during the war. Raped and tortured they left her for death. She was found by a young blademaster, Ren who treated her wounds and stayed with her until she was healthy again. Unfortunately, her eye sight had been lost due to horrible things done to her. When her wounds had healed, she and Ren shared one passionate night together. Ren disappeared shortly after that and she never saw him again. To this day she still searches for him, never having been able to properly thank him.

Occupation/Job: None. She usually just takes whatever she likes and uses her dream walker powers to disappear before she gets caught.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: She's blind, but is still hoping against hope to one day find someone with magic strong enough to restore her sight. She also rarely sleeps, cause when she does nightmares of how she was tortured haunt her. Nightmares even she can't fight off.
After her one night with the young blademaster that saved her life, she has not slept with anyone again. For some reason no other man has interested her enough to bother.
Hobby/Hobbies: She loves to sing and is actually quite good at it. Other than that she preys on villainous (mostly male) humans, giving them they're worst nightmares.

Like: Jewelry and fancy clothes, strawberries, sunsets, music.
Dislikes: Humans, blood (she can't stand the sight of it, makes her sick), bugs.

Strength: Besides her usual dream walker abilities, she's almost perfected her little disappearing into the shadows act to be able to steal whatever she may need.
Weakness/Flaw: She's weak, never having learned how to really defend herself other than just disappearing using her powers. She considers her temper one of her greatest flaws.

Anything else to add:

Roleplay Sample: (decided to make this a bit of an introduction/opening for a possible roleplay)
With a soundless scream Nariko sat up, pulling the bed covers closer around herself, to assure herself she was indeed in her own bed. She sighed then. Another failed attempt at sleep.
The moment she had drifted off, those faced had appeared again. Four men holding her down while one raped her. The grins on their faces, obviously enjoying themselves.
She reorganized her pillow to distract herself, then laid back down. Trying to think of something to make her forget, his face popped into her head. Ren. Beautiful, young Ren. He'd only been seventeen, but he had not only saved her life by treating her severe wounds, he's saved her from losing her mind.
Thinking back on the one passionate night they'd shared after her wounds had fully healed, she couldn't help but smile. She may not have been able to see him with hr eyes, she had seen him with her mind. And he was beautiful. The memory playing in her head as if it had happened only minutes ago gave her goosebumps and she quickly snapped herself out of it.
She took a sip of water from the glass next to her bed and sighed again. If a mere memory of him could make her feel like this even twelve years after it had happened, imagine how he could make her feel if he was here now. She blushed and shook her head. 'Don't think about that,' she told herself. 'He's not here and probably never will be.'
Nariko got out of bed and grabbed her silk bath robe, wrapping it around herself. Walking to the balcony doors, she opened them and stepped outside. Enjoying the cool breeze she stood there for a while. 'What if I pick up the search again?' she wondered. 'But I'd need help of some sort. Not going to get far on my own.'
Soon after Ren had suddenly disappeared she had tried to find him. Questioning many people in town. A few had heard of him or known his parents who had died two years earlier, but none had known where he had gone. She had tried many more times after that to find out anything of his whereabouts, but without luck. Of course Nariko had never thought to leave town, limited as she was by her lack of sight. If she'd be able to find a travel companion however, she could finally set out on a real search. But where would she find someone willing to travel with a blind dream walker?
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