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[Imagined By: Cypher]

Name: Executioners

Classification: Demon

Rarity: While not common, they aren’t particularly rare. There is probably 1 Executioner born for every 100 demons born of any other race. 1 in every 5 Executioner born survives its adolescence, although the ratio increases or decreases depending on which family the child is born into.

Lifespan: If they survive youth, typically they can live up to 1000 years. An average Executioner will make it to about 400 years and have one child every 50 years after reaching adulthood.

Appearance: Executioners are visibly in the form of a large human. They tower over crowds and tend to be thickly muscled (think fighters, not bodybuilders). Skin colors tend to range towards human tones although they spend so much time outside even those with lighter skin tones end up with a dark tan. All Executioners are born with mottled markings similar to wild animals- most commonly similar to marked mammals such as cats, but sometimes a clan’s markings will more resemble a reptile. Most Executioners wear their hair in braids or beaded dreadlocks that display their status, family, skill and age by the patterns and colors worn in their hair. There are no blond Executioners, every executioner has a variance of brown or black hair with eyes that are typically a startling color of blue, violet or green when young, darkening as they grow older. An Executioner with black eyes is considered ancient and probably near death. They tend to dress in simple, darker colors of rich, flexible fabrics that move with their bodies, and leather and light armor for protection.

As adults (when they reach approximately 40 years old), their skin is thicker than most races – particularly on their chest, arms, legs and back – where it takes more strength and sharper blades to get through to the flesh and muscle beneath. Their skin is often referred to as armored; more padded areas tend to take on a smooth, opalescent sheen that lends strength to the theory. They naturally have short retractable claws in the place of finger and toe nails that are used for offense when lacking other weapons, hands tend to be shorter and more blunt and club-like than typically human’s. Their teeth more closely resemble large felines than humans as well, and their tongues tend to be slightly longer and flexible than human beings as well.

Strengths: Strength, speed, remarkably impervious hides to most spells and weapons.

Weaknesses: All things holy can burn, however holy weapons have a better chance of injuring or killing them. They typically can't swim due to the density of their flesh- they sink like a rock and have only limited success with dog-paddling in shallow waters.

Skills/Abilities: An affinity for bladed and whip-like weapons such as the sectioned stave. Note: They do not HAVE magic, but are particularly resistant to demon-created spells and blades, perhaps a trait evolved from their earliest prey: other demons.

General Personalities: Warlike, often taciturn when not fighting. Executioners have a tendency to lean towards cruelty, with no sympathy for those weaker than they are (which in their mind is just about everyone). An Executioner is always ready for a fight, particularly if one sees something wrong with another’s behavior. They are extremely self-righteous and often find it difficult (if not impossible) to admit to error, although they will show far more courtesy and leniency to one who has beaten them in a ‘fair’ fight. An Executioner with a contract is tenacious without fail- until a contract is complete the Executioner will not be sidetracked, not even by mortal wounds. Status, particularly personal and family status, is of vital importance.

History: There have, in recorded memory, always been Executioners. They are the closest thing to law enforcement in the demon race – only with less law and more enforcement. Every Executioner loves a good war, during the last one there were Executioners on both sides simply because two Clans (Clans that were – and still are- considered, by Executioner standards, ‘friendly’) thought it’d be fun. The rest of the Clans agreed and joined in for ‘Shits and giggles’.

Interesting Facts:
-Most Executioners also tend to have at least a slight claustrophobia and can instantly name all exits from a room.
-Executioners don’t feel pain the same way human’s do- pain translates more like a dim, tingling pleasure to an Executioner and is easily ignored. More Executioners die because of bleeding wounds or infection than those who die due to a killing blow- it is the leading cause of why their children often do not survive adolescence.
-Religion makes them uncomfortable, and they almost never get involved in contracts involving it.
-They are called Executioners because that is what they do best- although Assassination isn't their forte (there is only one clan known who accepts assassination contracts)- and that is what they have done since their race's inception.
-Often they are described as mercenary- a contract with one Executioner is as good as having a contract with their entire clan and any clan bound to it – as long as the original contract is paid in full. Breaking a contract with one Executioner is the equivalent to breaking a contract with EVERY Executioner.
-They typically have a fascination with the animals that share their skin-markings- particularly with the more cuddly ones. Strangely, when not on contract it is not uncommon for an Executioner to be seen with kittens.

Aging: They don’t seem to age much past 40, the clearest sign of age is the darkening of their eyes- within 200 years of a natural death, eyes have darkened to black. After that age they tend to keel over at just about any time (although most don’t make it this long).
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