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Character Application Outline

Name: Kastor & Pollux Didumos

Age: 18
Age Appearance: 18

Gender: male
Species/Race: fortune teller

Appearance: He has a clean-shaven oval face, shag cut medium length black hair, crimson eyes, olive skin, slim build. He wears bleeding edge clothing, and, when in public, dark green wrap-around sunglasses to hide his eyes. He has a captive topaz bead piercing in the left 1/3 of his left eyebrow and a four centimeter long tattoo on his right wrist of the right half of the astrological symbol Gemini. When both he and his twin extend their right forearms and press their wrists together, the tattoos make a complete symbol for Gemini.

Personality: Twins who add a new dimension to the phrase “brotherly love”.

History: Why, yes, we have a history. We're identical twins born mid-center of Gemini. We're prescient.

(Items below this are optional.)

Occupation/Job: selling prescient visions

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Like 40% of all twins, Kastor & Pollux developed their own idioglossia (unique private language spoken only by twins). Unlike 99% of all twins, they maintained it and continued to use it between themselves only.

Pollux points to Castor. “Avi jidumo'm numa't eni gazido.” [This my twin, his name is Castor]
Castor points to Pollux. “K' avi l'du'm tu't eni bolugo.” [And this mine, his is Polux]
Both say simultaneously “L'mazi'ma dobyovebi l'melon.” [Together we foresee the future.]

Hobby/Hobbies: watch & clock repairs

Like: music
Dislikes: ignorance

Strength: Intelligent, and Cunning
Weakness/Flaw: Weak, slow and lack magic

Anything else to add:

Roleplay Sample:

Avery was a bit nervous. He didn't want any of his fellows to know he was resorting to this, so he resented having been forced to meet in a public park. Yet, the man on the phone had been unmovable on the meeting place. The doctor had elected to dress in black and wear sunglasses.

He looked up with a start when a stereo voice said “Doctor Smith?” He found that he was facing a set of what seemed to be identical twins, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses.

“P and K?”

They nodded in unison. “Why do you seek us?” asked one of the twins.

“I need information to make a decision that could affect the future of our world.”

The other twin tilted his head. “Fozerimi. Foseli na remadede do.” [He lies. He wants to enrich himself.]

In unison they said “1M credits.”

Avery was nonplussed – left doing nothing but sputtering meaninglessly. When the twins turned and began to leave, he followed them. “Wait. How do I know it's worth that?”

They turned around to face the man. “Knowledge of the future is priceless.”

Pollux began "Excuse us for a moment ..." and Kastor completed "while we discuss this."

Avery thought ~I should move away to give them privacy~ but before he could act, the twins faced each other and began speaking rapidly.

"Odi dogo'ma nyogeni?" [Is this our target or not?]

"Polibebi. Fodigidodave s'mas.Tebode myoboridi l'gozimo doro't." [Certainly. He was led to us. We never refuse a gift of the universe.]

“Ti za votani an l'gozimo bogodevi do? An l'vo baragi do?” [What will he do if the universe disappoints him? if it pleases him?]

“L'gade za voremadede.” [Either way, he will be enriched.]

"Myenede." [We concur.]

"Okay, we will help you."

Avery had no idea what the two had said to each other ... in fact he was wondering what language it was ... but he was happy they had agreed to help him. "How does this work?"

"You lend us a trinket that is intimately connected with that part of the future about which you seek information. You return here tomorrow night. You pay us. We tell you our vision." At that, the twins turned and walked quickly away.
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