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Original Name: Uknown
Current Name: Bailey

Age: Uknown.
Age Appearance: 18 or early twenties.

Gender: Male.
Species/Race: Unknown.


Bailey appears to be a good-looking youth, not particularly tall and not very fit. His slim body leaves people in worry if he is suitable to be his profession. Inky, black hair is silky to the touch, the ebony bangs parted on either side of his cheeks, curling along to tickle this neck. His hair drops to his shoulders but it is placed in a high ponytail which is then covered by his scarf and captain’s hat, fashioning it to look as if his hair is actually short. Over his left eye is a black, eye patch which he tells others he merely wears for the fashion. His right eye, on the other hand, is exposed- the gray orb always gleaming in amusement. Along this eye, it seems like red makeup is colored along the lashes to emphasis it.

His clothing is usually fashioned to fit his name as a pirate. A slightly frilled white shirt covered with a brown vest with various buckles decorated along it. Black breeches and boots with another buckle over them. He also has a long brown coat he wears over it to hide his muskets and sword that dangle from his hips. Around 5’6- he may be the shortest pirate captain to have ever sailed.

Personality: Bailey is known for having a running mouth. He can talk, talk. Usually getting himself in trouble but, usually, he can talk his way out of it as well. His near obsessed with getting people to start calling him ‘The Great Pirate Bailey!’ but, so far, it hasn’t caught on. He doesn’t believe his height and pretty boy looks have anything to do with it which it might have. His crew though, know his actually someone to be feared and respected though he is kind of crazy at times. He doesn’t mind chatting up with people and talking to them but it’s been known that whenever something big happens, Bailey is somehow tied into it.

He can seem irrational and daring. He likes to run right into danger though he often makes up a lie on why he is, in the first place.

History: [Partial History]

Bailey was sailing the sea with his crew one dreary morning after a storm, celebrating a mighty catch that they had managed to pull off. Their catch being a monster of the seas out of the money that resembled a white shark just….triple it’s size. They were dragging it behind their ship with the help from a few more ships in his fleet just for the show. But they were going to be dropping it soon, knowing it would soon attract other beasts of the seat. THAT was when someone spotted a body floating in the sea. A young man, to be exact.

Without much thought, Bailey told the crew to catch him and pull him in with their fishing net. Until the fellow awoke, he nursed him. The man’s name was Merry. A mute too. And he had an problem that needed a fixing! Bailey was amused by the other’s predicament, viewing it as some tragic love story. Out of kindness or perhaps out of boredom- he agreed, first, not to kill him. Second, he would allow the other to travel with him charge-free. And he’d even help him out. Ain’t he just kind? So they have been together for a few months now.

Occupation/Job: Pirate.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: He is known for somehow mysteriously surviving all his missions with his crew. He’ll throw himself in dangerous situations and somehow come out alive and the plan effectively working. His known for being a ‘miracle worker’.
Hobby/Hobbies: Listening to the stars. [No one understands exactly what this means.]

Likes: Women, liquor, sex, the sea, having fun, and yo-yos.
Dislikes: Brawling, wasting things, and singing.

Strength: Unknown.
Weakness/Flaw: Unknown.

Anything else to add: Bailey is a pirate, yes, but his not exactly what you’d imagine. He steals, yes. But he doesn’t often kill people unless he is forced too. But he doesn’t mind humiliating people.
The Hammer
The Great Pirate Bailey!
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