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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The World


The world is in the midst of struggling to stabilize their lives after a war between Elders and a race known as, Phlinxs. Two powerful leaders that people could not help but listen to. [For more information about Phlinxs and Elders look in the Races Section.] The battle started in the early 1800s and is just now coming to a closing in the present time. Before the war everyone was on edge, not trusting those who were not like them. The Phlinxs, wise and witty, were able to control all supernatural creatures with a few words. They restrained them from lashing out at humans and keeping the small peace they had between the two sides. Elders, who were known for their insight, and knowledge- led humans to put a blind eye to their differences with the supernatural.

But the small peace between them was always on the bound of breaking. Though the Elders were very knowledgeable, they were also very territorial. They disliked that the Phlinxs governed so much more land then they did. To satisfy their own greed, they broke several treaties that had been established between the supernatural and humans. Phlinxs, insulted, struck back and soon began the war between the Elders and Phlinxs, and the hatred between humans and supernaturals.

Though the creatures that came from the dark and the light were powerful, humans were not a force to be reckoned with. They summoned the abilities they buried deep within them and so birthed mages, witches, wizards, sorcerers, enchanters, inventors, and psychics. The battles were fearsome and tiresome. The war was finally brought to a end when the massacre of a neutral town that was caught in the crossfire of a battle struck a chord into the leaders and many warriors.

The massacre of the innocent people caused everyone to step back and look at what they have become and what they have turned their world into. Disgusted with themselves, the Elders and Phlinxs decided to make a truce.

But the years of battle will never be erased and so there is a non-existent bond between humans and the supernatural. Not to say, there aren't some that think kindly of the others.

Soon after the treaties were established, the whereabouts of the Phlinx leaders became unknown and the Elders began to hide themselves away. Leaving the world to adjust to the crumbling world they had left in their wake, hoping to build it back together

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