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((let's give this another try... he's only human now! Wink ))

Name: Mikael Lucas

Age: 27
Age Appearance: 27

Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human

(stole this from goth.net ... but it's such a cool picture/guy! I had to do something with it!)

Mikael has a light skin and dark brown eyes (nearly black), but the most obvious trademark is his hair; he has dark, rust-coloured dreadlocks, tied out of his face to the back of his head, like a giant Mohawk/broad ponytail of dreadlocks. Among those dreadlocks there are also pipes which blend with the hair every now and then.
He has a fair amount of muscles, which he loves to show off to the ladies. He likes to wear steampunk-ish suits, or other well-groomed clothes, usually in shades of black or brown in combination with white.
He has some scars here and there from when experiments failed, but nothing that really catches the eye.

Mikael is a gentle-hearted, hard-working man, off to fulfill his dreams! He loves to offer other people a hand, especially when it involves inventing some weird machine that may be of some assistance. He’s a real dork though, a bit clumsy and he loves to talk. Next to that he is a real gentleman around women, although he sometimes gets kicked in the face for flirting too much. (When he gets his chance he’ll use his charms on guys as well just to tease/annoy them a little.)

He was born long after the war had ended, so he never knew much of its hardships. All he knows about it comes from human history books. As a human he doesn’t have any great supernatural powers, but he can use alchemy to build things. Als he has one other handy ability; to open any lock, no matter how hard the technique.

When he was old enough he set up a shop and a workplace to work on his inventions. He gets hired from time to time to invent some things or go on small quests to retrieve certain items. He doesn’t make much money, but he gets around, sometimes he uses his ability to unlock certain doors and steal things.

His goal in life is to be able to build a flying machine, although most of his experiments usually blow up in his face.

Occupation/Job: Inventor for hire
Interesting Facts/Quirks: He snores… really bad! And he smokes, because it makes him look cool.
Hobby/Hobbies: stargazing, watching birds fly, playing the piano.
Like: Beautiful women, rainbows, birds, music, smoking… a nice cold beer?
Dislikes: People who are negative, wealthy people

Strength: He has a strong will and is fairly strong for a human. Also he builds his own weapons with alchemy, which are usually oversized guns, canons, grenades or other James-Bond-like tools.
Weakness/Flaw: He is only human, so weak against most supernatural powers… (and he can’t stand being tickled!)

Anything else to add: He is a dork, but that’s why we love him <3
Let us meet in our dreams...
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