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Name: Kia

Age: 396
Age Appearance: Early twenties.

Gender: Male.
Species/Race: Beast Master.

Appearance: Kia is a rather short guy, despite his age. His hair is a dark ginger leaning to brown and his eyes are a deep gold that will grow towards orange whenever angered (and he is angry a lot). His skin is tanned because he spends his days outside and like all Beast Masters, he possesses an otherworldly beauty although slightly intimidating and warrior-like, despite his short posture. He is always barefoot.

Whenever Kia gets mad, his fangs and nails grow, giving him an almost feline appearance. Along with the fangs and nails, dark brown and jagged markings appear on his checks, along his neck and the sides of his chest, as well as his upper legs. He’s a ferocious fighter, so he is more often seen with markings than without.

Personality: As stated before, Kia is angry a lot. He absolutely hates humans and doesn’t feel guilty hurting them to get his point across. He respects all life, even the lives of the humans he hates so much, so he will never kill a human without a good reason. He is very much a loner, not seeking out the company of his fellow Beast Masters but he will not turn away the kinsmen who approach him.

Kia is very tolerant to animals and sometimes tolerant towards other magical creatures, as long as they don’t annoy him. He can have a very short fuse dealing with them. For a Beast Master, Kia has quite the colourful vocabulary in insults – all learnt, of course, from the humans he has encountered and chased out of his forest along the years.

History: Born and raised around a pack of wolves instead of other Beast Masters, Kia has inherited their territorial behaviour. When he grew into his sexual maturity, he left the pack to live on his own and find a mate. He travelled a lot, always keeping to the forests and mountains, unseen and unsociable. At that time, his dislike towards humans started to surface, seeing their destruction of the forest and the animals there so their cattle could graze and they could use the lands for farming. They were so selfish, those humans.

Retracting himself deeper into the forest, Kia laid eyes upon the most gentle and beautiful soul he had ever met. He fell in love with them at first sight. But before he could approach the creature, they fled and turned themselves into a willow tree for a reason Kia has yet to understand. He never even knew their name. Since then, he has been visiting his love a lot, listening to the breeze in the tree’s branches and sleeping in their shadow a lot. It earned him the nickname ‘treehugger’ from his fellow Beast Masters, a name he abhors about as much as he does humans.

When the war came around, Kia’s territorial drift and his desire to protect his beloved brought him to fight on the front lines. He was a ruthless warrior, he knew no mercy or remorse. He still feels no regret about what he has done back then: it had been to protect the forest. Since the treaty, Kia has been able o settle down a little, still lingering in his forest and being visited by an occasional magical creature, but no humans venture into his domain anymore. He is somewhat happy with this newfound peace, though he sometimes wonders how long it will last. Humans are treacherous creatures, after all.

Occupation/Job: Hunter.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: There is only one good thing humans brought into this world, Kia thinks: their many kinds of flavoured alcohol. He’s especially fond of a simple pint of dark ale. He has high tolerance for alcohol, though he gets somewhat woozy whenever he drinks it.
Hobby/Hobbies: Spending time with willow; hunting and eating; stealing kegs of alcohol from humans and drink all night long.

Likes: Birdsong, salted jerky and sausage (also stolen from humans).
Dislikes: Axes and woodcutters; witches; noisy children of any race; being made fun of (for whatever reason, but his love for the willow tree and his short height seem to irk him most).

Strength: Because Kia is a short guy, he is fast and nimble, more so than his fellow Beast masters. He has the build of a teenager, enabling him to climb trees and slip through the forest quite easily.
Weakness/Flaw: Kia’s anger is his greatest weakness. Whenever he gets angry, he rages and loses his focus as well as his ability to think clearly. He’s also very stubborn and prideful, not allowing him to ever give up. He’d rather die than surrender.

Anything else to add: Kia has never known what kind of creature willow was before they turned into a tree. He blindly loves them and hopes they will turn back into that gentle and beautiful creature again, so Kia can claim them. He patiently waits for that day, visiting them and talking to them so they wont forget about him. It is the only place where Kia will feel peaceful and where his anger seeps to the background.

[Lid'l: Sidenote to my fellow players - Kia swears a lot. He will use foul language and use crude insults towards human characters. Please remember that it is within his personality to do so. It's got nothing to do with my opinion on you or your character. I love you. Remember that <3]


Roleplay Sample: Found right here.
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